Saturday, 12 January 2013

365 challenge - week 1

I know we already the second week of the year, so I'm a bit late with posting these... It doesn't mean I have already given up, not at all! But I have exams now, so unfortunately blogging is not really a priority at the moment.
Here are the first of my drawings (01/01 - 06/01), I don't think they are all equally good, but well, it's the progress and the effort that counts! And it is quite hard to be inspired every day... As you might notice, there is one missing, but that was a birthday card that I made, so that one will come up in another post probably :)
What I have learned so far: my lines are too soft, I had to darken the pictures to make the drawings more visible... And my paper is too big for the scanner, which is why there are dark sides to the picture. Need to work on that. And maybe next time add a frame to the pictures, to make them more visible on my white background on the blog, or adjust the blog lay-out, that is also a possibility haha. Well, I hope you like them.

Love, Birgit 


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