Sunday, 26 May 2013

PNP: Birthday card and CD cover

This week, we celebrated a friend's birthday. I made this card and CD cover (I burned her a CD with beading patterns) to accompany the other gifts we got her. I included the steps for the CD cover below.

You can find the original card here (I know the link refers to a Pinterest URL, but the link to the website appears to be dead...).


1. Take a CD cover apart and trace it onto the piece of paper you want to use. (You can also trace it on a white sheet first, that you can later on use as a template)
2. Cut out the shape, fold and glue the two side-flaps.
3. Insert your CD and use tape, a sticker or whatever you like to 'seal' it.
You can also embellish the cover, like I did. I drew some flowers, but you can sticker it, paint it, anything you like. You can do this either before of after you cut out the template and glue everything together.

Done! Hope you like it :)
Love, Birgit

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