Saturday, 28 December 2013

PNP: Make-up Brush Holder


First of all, I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I had a lovely time celebrating with my family (and got some great presents haha), it was also a nice break from studying (I have exams in January...).

In between studying, I found the time to get a little crafty, and this is the result: a make-up brush holder! I was in need of one, since I used to just put them in a little cardboard box, but that proved to be not sturdy enough...

Enter an empty tea can!

Further supplies needed:
* gold paint
* a cotton swab (or something with a round end)
* black sheet of paper
* glue
* scissors 

Steps to follow:

1. Cut the black sheet so it has the right size to glue onto your can.
2. Use the cotton swab and the gold paint to put the polka dot pattern onto the paper. Let dry.
3. Apply glue all over your can and cover it with the sheet of paper.
4. Let dry, and tadaa!

I think the whole thing cost me about 10 minutes to make, drying time included. Ofcourse you can also use any patterned paper that you have lying around, which will even shorten the process, but I didn't have anything that was close to what I had in mind.

Happy holidays!



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