Thursday, 27 February 2014

Floral card and handmade gifts


Surprise, I have more than only a card today for you! It may seem as if I'm only making cards lately, and apart from my gown, I am. BUT today I'm also sharing some small gifts I made for a friend's birthday.

This is the card I made her: 

floral card by pumps&needles

The dies I used are available (for free!) HERE, I used the flowers 1 and the flowers 3 sets.

handmade gifts by pumps and needles

Pictured above are the small handmade gifts as part of the 'how to survive writing my thesis'-package (I also gave her cupcakes and a shower set):   
- the little bunny is meant to wrap your headphones around, based on this one;
- confetti party card as seen on Twee meisjes in de stad;
- leather bow hair tie, as made by Oh the lovely things.

Hope you like it as much as she does!