Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Me Made May 2016 - Week 3 & 4

Hi there!

This post is way overdue but as I was having exams and I really want to graduate at the end of June, I decided to postpone this post. The weather here has also been aweful and there wasn't a spot in the house with enough daylight to take decent pictures. As I didn't feel like changing 4 times (I took the pictures afterwards) I tried a different setup this time.

 First outfit: Shorts from a Burda pattern (unblogged) and top from Pimkie.

Second outfit: LMV Martini dress - I feel like I cheated a little bit with this one, as I wore it three times over these two weeks. It is just soooo comfortable to wear, so it is kind of my go-to dress when I don't need to leave the house but don't feel like wearing sweatpants either.

Third outfit: Knipmode top that I also wore in the first half of may and a blazer from Oltre. I wore this with black skinny jeans, that I am currently altering (they have a bit of gaping in the back - ah, the perks of being able to sew).

Last outfit: The very last thing I wore for MMMay this year is my floral burda dress, worn as a top, with this amazing pleated skirt that I thrifted for two euro (!). This outfit is a favourite, it has a bit of a Dolce & Gabbana feel to it and I feel ultra feminine and summery while wearing it.

What I learnt from MMMay '16:
I don't sew enough clothes for in between seasons or bad weather and normal occasions. I have three gowns and a dress that only suit a special occasion (I made those for my student gala) and one dress that is appropriate for events like new year's eve. Hence, I can't really get away with wearing them during Me Made May, haha. I should also look into separates that I would be able to layer, so I can wear them when the belgian weather behaves like it currently does - lots of wind and rain. I am very happy I took part in MMMay, as I have not only renewed my love for some pieces, but I also tend to wear my me-mades more now. And yay, I stuck to my challenge! Now, onto my next project and pile of UFOs*!

Have a great week!

* For my non-sewing friends: UFO = Un-Finished Object, meaning my pile of clothing pieces I once started to sew and then abandoned half way because of a newer, shinier project. Yes, I am guilty of that.


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