Friday, 19 September 2014

PNP: Martha Stewart's Teacup Pincushion

Pumps and Needles: teacup pincushion 
Hi everyone!

I have been working at my student's job for a few days again this week (I am in the host group of my university, which means we help hosting official university events, which is very fun to do!), so I haven't had much time to think about what I wanted to post or to make something new to show you. But then I thought, why wouldn't I share things that I've made in the past but still use and love? So today I am showing you my pincushion! It is on my sewing table permanently, and I use it everytime I make something.

I was browsing one day and came across these very cute teacup pincushions that Martha Stewart had made on her show. I thought they were so adorable, and since I didn't have a pincushion back then but found myself in need of one, why not make one of those? For the full tutorial, click HERE.

In the picture up close, you can see that I added a little detail, and embroidered little stars around the edge of the 'saucer'.

Pumps and Needles: teacup pincushion detail

Pumps and Needles: teacup pincushion

Tomorrow I am making a card for my parents' anniversary and I plan to blog it soon, since I want to enter it in the CASE study challenge, so you'll probably find me here tomorrow afternoon!



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