Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Pintastic Week - 21.06.2015

Paper sculpture by Belinda Rodriguez via Design Crush

Hi guys!

How has your week been? Mine was great! I had my last exam on Wednesday, and spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends, which was awesome. I also went out for dinner a couple of times to catch up with some that I hadn't seen for too long. And now I am sewing my butt off to get everything on my to do list done in time for my vacation. On that list: two dresses I promised my mom for way too long already, a pair of shorts, a top and a maxi dress for me. I don't know how I'll get that done in a week, but we'll see.

Let's get on to the roundup!

- I have fallen in love with Reformation. I didn't know the brand until recently, but I want to have a lot of their dresses. It seems like I am not alone in that, as their Marion dress - which is one of my favourites - is already sold out... I also really like the Jasper jumpsuit.
- I also like these H&M shorts a lot. They might become my inspiration for the pair I am about to make.
- I'm trying to eat healthier, and I've been eating Monica's refrigerator oatmeal with cherries and chocolate for a few mornings. It is the perfect breakfast and I don't get hungry until noon.
- Rachael's flamingo jumpsuit just screams Summer to me, I want to go and steal it from her closet.
- Aimee made this very cute dress with a giant bow, that also really wants to hang in my closet. Luckily, she was so kind to share the pattern she used for it!

That's it for today, back to my sewing machine!
- Birgit


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