Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mom's tie dress

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to show you a dress I made for my mom, as proof of my non-selfish sewing. She once went fabric shopping with me, and I promised her that if she found fabric she liked, I'd make her something. That finally happened (I have two more I promised her, still working on that). She let me take photos to share here, as long as her face wouldn't be in them, hence the headless pictures ;)

She wanted something she could throw on easily when it is warm outside, and that she could wear on vacation. So we decided to go for Knipmode May 2015, dress 20. The only real alteration - besides grading between different sizes for bust and hips - is that I considerably shortened the skirt part, as my mom doesn't like to wear maxi dresses. Unfortunately, my sewing machine broke down, so I hemmed it by hand. (I notice the front panels look uneven in the picture, but they aren't in real life.) Most of the sewing on this dress was straightforward and not so hard, except for the shoulderbands. It was kind of a pain to sew those in a knit fabric and the instructions were also confusing, so I ended up figuring out on my own how I could do them. It was probably not the way I was supposed to sew them, and probably also not the easiest way, but I managed in the end. And my mom is happy, so that is the most important thing.
Anyway, this is the result:

Pumps and Needles: Mom's tie dress - knipmode pattern
Pumps and Needles: Mom's tie dress - knipmode pattern


  1. Super job! YOur mom is very lucky! Hemmed by hand too, you are a very good daughter :)

    1. Oh thanks! That is very sweet :D and I try my best ;)