Monday, 29 August 2016

Red bodysuit

Hi, guys!

How are you doing? I had a blast this summer. I spent a large part of the summer in Italy and the South of France and had an amazing time. Before I left, I had the time to finish some sewing projects I had been working on, so I could take them with me. You've already seen one of them, the Leila top, and today I'm showing you another one.

Much on trend, I decided to make a bodysuit out of red jersey I had left from making a dress (unblogged). I love wearing high-waisted skirts, and a bodysuit would eliminate the 'problem' of tops that keep riding up. I immediately thought of the Knipmode pattern of the Badgley Mischka bathing suit. I had made it before as a top, and I loved the fit and the design of the straps. I eliminated the crossing panels on the front, and instead of sewing the crotch together, I sewed on some snaps for closure. As the fabric is stretchy and tends to keep its shape very well, I omitted any elastics you might normally sew.

I love my bodysuit, it is so comfortable yet dressed up. I feel very feminine when wearing it with a skirt. Bonus: I also made the skirt in the pictures! It's a very simple mini circle skirt. I think the fabric is some kind of poly, but I'm not sure as it came from a remnants' bin and I didn't ask... I made the skirt three years ago, it was a quick sew. I think it took me an hour all in all - from drawing the circle to cutting and sewing it. Of course, if you say circle skirt...

...obligatory twirl picture!


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