Sunday, 6 November 2016

La Maison Victor Emma Dress

Hi there!

Last week I was talking to a friend about a new dress I was making, and he asked if it would be my dress for New Year's Eve - which it wasn't, but that is another story. It made me think of the dress I made last year, and how I hadn't blogged it yet (same goes for the dress I made the year before, oops).

So here it is: my New Year's Eve version of the Emma dress by La Maison Victor.

The dress is made from a black cotton and the silver fabric comes from a thrifted dress that I cut up. I did not make any modifications to the pattern, but later on realised I should have done an FBA and a modification in the back.
The reason I did not do the FBA, is because it fitted wonderfully as long as I was putting the dress together, and it wasn't until it was finished that the armholes were gaping. Oh well. I didn't have time to adjust it, because of course I made it pretty last minute. 

Another thing I noticed once it was finished, is that the open back was also gaping. I fixed it by stitching it down onto the waist band, and I actually liked the effect of the back panels pointing down on the skirt.

This dress came together rather quickly, which was a good thing, seen my timing. It is pretty straightforward to sew, only the fitting in the back might be a bit of a challenge, and an extra pair of hands comes in handy (thanks mom). I'm not sure if I will wear this dress again, because although I really like it, it feels a little bit short. I don't think I will ever get to attaching another skirt to this one, but I might make this dress again in the future.

Big thanks to my awesome sister for taking the pictures! To finish this post, let me share the obligatory twirl foto with you:

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