Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Pintastic Week - 14.12.2014

Hi there!

I can finally write again! I haven't been able to use my laptop in a while (due to a program I had to run for my thesis which made everything else impossible) but I am back again! I am planning on writing a few Christmas-themed posts, and I still have my Pin // Make project from November that I didn't share yet - so I didn't forget!
I'm also rethinking this post a bit, I'm not sharing all the pictures in my post again, mainly because I read a few stories about copyright infringement, even if you link back properly and I don't want to risk that. So from now on I'll share one picture that I really liked that week and then put my favourite links underneath. Here we go!

 Vogue US December 2014 - via Honestly...WTF

1. Who can resist gold and sparkle on a beautiful card like this one by Amy Sheffer?

2. This Pingu cake by Coco Cake Land is so cute and just brings up childhood memories... 

3. Linda made a roundup of four winter drinks on Call Me Cupcake, and I'm craving some hot chocolate right now!

4. I recently discovered Dita Von Teese's clothing line, and this dress is on my wishlist.

5. I love the look of these super chunky knit throws featured on Honestly...WTF.

That's it for today! See you later this week!

- Birgit

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