Friday, 26 December 2014

Pin // Make: cord organizer arrow - belated November edition

Hi there!

I hope you all had, or are still having, wonderful Christmas days with family and friends!

As I promised earlier this week, I'm finally sharing my November Pin // Make project, being the great arrow cord organizers that Mette from Monsterscircus made. The only thing I did differently from her tutorial, is that I sewed around the arrow shape, because I liked the look of it. Other than that, I just followed her tutorial. I'd say you should give it a try, they are super easy to make and they look great!
I made it as a small present for a friend who bought an appartment recently, and I made a card to go with it.

Pumps and Needles: monsterscircus' arrow cord organiser

Pumps and Needles: monsterscircus' arrow cord organiser
Thanks to Elia for taking the pictures!

See you on Sunday for my weekly roundup!
- Birgit


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