Monday, 29 December 2014

A Pintastic Week - 29.12.2014

Hey guys!

This is this year's last Pintastic Week, can you believe how quickly a year passes? Anyway, I have some beauties for you again!

I want to start by thanking the lovely Cindy for featuring my Mustang Card on her blog, I'm so flattered!

I found a lot of beautiful handmade garments again, and these are a couple of them: Jolies Bobines made an incredible jumpsuit, I especially love the pleats on the bodice! Nikki made a pair of perfect cropped trousers on Beauté J'adore and look at the velvet Christmas dress that Lauren made! I also LOVED the BHL Kim dress that Mary made, that fabric is just perfection.
Thread Theory released a new pattern for a women's blouse, and I think it's amazing, it's casual yet very feminine, I like the flow of it, in short, I'd love to have that pattern!

Here are 18 ways to spice up your hot chocolate, which would be perfect to accompany this great-looking Igloo cake!

When I will move out and get my own place, I'm going to need a home library to put away all my books (and have room for more haha). 

And to stay within the festive vibe, I loved MadDesign's festive beaded earrings and I think Blair kills it with this outfit on Atlantic Pacific.

That's it for this week's roundup, I hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon!
- Birgit

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