Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Pintastic Week - 18.01.2015

Paraísos desplegables by artist Manuel Ameztoy, via Trendland 

Hi there!

Since I have studying to do, I'm just going to jump straight to the linking.

I came across great homemade clothes again this week. This Burda skirt version on Two On Two Off makes me like the pattern, maybe I'll make one too. I want to steal this Camas blouse by Cookin' and Craftin' and Lladybird made a great pair of dotted jeans. I also added this Burda wrap dress to my 'to sew' list, it is starting to be endless...

Although I am definitely not celebrating Valentine's day, this is a very beautiful card by Lime Doodle Design. I think all three cupcake themed cards by Laura Bassen are beautiful, but the third one (with the lettering) makes me think of my friend who uses these foam letters to add some sparkle to her gift wrapping.

I really want to try these 'travelling noodles' from The Londoner, they are great if you don't have time in the morning to make lunch. These taquitos also look really good, just not for breakfast though.

I think Kaelah's workspace makeover is great, I particularly like the floating shelves and the honeycomb shelves. I know you're not supposed to be jealous, but it is kind of hard when you see The Project Girl's craft closet...

That's it, back to studying for me!

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