Thursday, 20 August 2015

Floral dress

Hi there!

Remember this post? That dress finally happened... About time I'd say!
But, better late than never, and I have worn it many times already.

This skirt was thrifted a few years ago, and once I unpicked the waistband, it became clear just how much fabric I had to work with. Enough for a dress, it turned out.

The pattern I used for the top is Burdastyle 04/2013 #116, like I planned back in 2013. I drafted the skirt myself, because I wanted it to flare a bit, instead of having a pencil skirt. Next time I'll probably use the skirt from the pattern, because I really do like how it looks. I also did a full bust adjustment on the top to make it fit properly. I am really happy with how it fits and how it looks on me, so a repeat will definitely happen.

Big thanks to my friend Sarah, who was so kind to take these pictures while we were in Warsaw!

- Birgit