Thursday, 27 February 2014

Floral card and handmade gifts


Surprise, I have more than only a card today for you! It may seem as if I'm only making cards lately, and apart from my gown, I am. BUT today I'm also sharing some small gifts I made for a friend's birthday.

This is the card I made her: 

floral card by pumps&needles

The dies I used are available (for free!) HERE, I used the flowers 1 and the flowers 3 sets.

handmade gifts by pumps and needles

Pictured above are the small handmade gifts as part of the 'how to survive writing my thesis'-package (I also gave her cupcakes and a shower set):   
- the little bunny is meant to wrap your headphones around, based on this one;
- confetti party card as seen on Twee meisjes in de stad;
- leather bow hair tie, as made by Oh the lovely things.

Hope you like it as much as she does!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A simple birthday card


This is the second card I made with my Silhouette Portrait, and this time, I didn't copy someone else's work ;)
I made this for a guy, so I kept it really simple, just cut out the lettering and the stars. For those wondering, the font is Bauhaus 93 and it is just one of the fonts that comes with Microsoft Office.

Now excuse me while I go work on my dress, I have about 5 weeks left to finish it and I have tons to do!

Have a great day!


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Happy - CASE Study Challenge #179


What? Two posts in one day? Don't get used to it! And yes, it is another birthday card, haha. But it is the first time I am participating in a challenge - yay!

This is this week's CASE study challenge:

And this is what I made, inspired by the above:

The font I used to cut the 'happy' - can you tell that I really like my Silhouette Portrait? - is called 'Pea Mily Mix' and can be found here.
I should probably pick another backdrop next time, but I had to shoot it really quickly - and with no natural light - since the card has to be delivered in the morning already... Hope you like it anyway :)



Friday, 21 February 2014

Happy Bird-day!


After what seems like ages, I thought it was time to put something on the blog again! I really need to make a blog agenda or something, so I would post more regularly... I made a few things over the last two months that I haven't blogged about yet, you will see them here soon.
As for today, I recently got a Silhouette Portrait (as a gift for my birthday), so of course I wanted to test it immediately! This is the first card I made using it. I cut the bird and the birdcage with the Silhouette, the branch, flowers and the sentiment are done by hand.


I must confess however that I did not make an original card. I saw the card below on Glitter Me Silly (a great blog that I follow) and I loved it! So I knew that this was the first thing I was going to try once I got my Portrait. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a very creative spirit that day, so my card is basically a copy of hers (I really hope she won't mind). Therefore it is only fair that I credit her properly!
This is hers: 

Beautiful, isn't it? The link just below the picture leads you to her original post.

See you soon for another post!