Saturday, 1 December 2012

Festive style: glitter shoes

With festive season coming up, it's time you start adding some sparkle!
Here is some inspiration:

For people on a high budget:
1. Stella McCartney
2. Jimmy Choo
3. Miu Miu
4. Miu Miu
(Miu Miu has looooots of glittery shoes this season!)

If you have a slightly smaller budget:
5. Mellow Yellow
6. Replay
7. Shoemint

And if you like to DIY a pair of glitter shoes, I really like these:

The first pair is by Trinkets in Bloom, the second by a pair & a spare. Tutorials are in the links!
Have fun if you are giving it a shot!

(All images by their respective owners)

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  1. I darling, thanks for telling me that. I just changed it! By the way, nice glitter selection. The first DIY is from Love Maegan Isn't it?



    1. No problem! :) Thank you! I found the first DIY on Trinkets in Bloom :)